Stay home! Coronavirus: "Third World War" caused by lack of responsibility

Take these hard times as time to understand the real necessities of life

Posted by Mihaela on March 22, 2020

It's weird ... and scary. And painful. And… indifference and ignorance in some places ... "it will not happen to us." However, we should think more and better and clearer.. we should choose to reflect. Let's think about what's really important. Let's change our priorities and ... the way of life. Which for most of us is a chaotic one… Totally disorganized...

We submit without any restraint and without thinking to… many unhealthy habits. We eat whatever, touch whatever ... we "gather" in places where we do not know who is/was ... we sit on the same chair ... we use things we do not know who else used them ... we drink from the same glass from which we do not know who drank, we use for personal needs places we don't know how many and how they use them ... we get too close and too fast to people we know nothing about ... People everywhere are now being asked for basic things, which should have been a way of life.

coronovirus lack of responsibility

Many diseases are transmitted in the same way that this virus is transmitted, which brought us to "World War III". With the same repercussions - felt sooner or later. Regret sometimes too late ... And if we think well, we should only follow some simple rules. Rules that would have saved us from this current disaster. It's time to really think about how we live our lives ... because that would bring infinitely more protection to the people we love and ourselves. At all levels: intellectual, emotional, professional.

We are now encouraged by all those who have imposed us "simple decency" rules: "We will return to a normal life after we overcome these moments" A normal life… I would say that we will have a life exactly as we make it ... about what depends on each one of us and what depend on our basic personal choices. Because after all, that's all about. Respect, consideration and responsibility for ourselves and those around us. And real concern for normality and decency.

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